Sunday, January 6, 2019

52 week sewing challenge week 1

Well, that was a fast week.   I have been working on organizing my sewing stuff, but not in my space.  I sew downstairs, usually, but the last few weeks it has been in my kitchen.  It is hard to sew in there, because I do not always clean up my projects.

So, I do have some pictures to show of progress being made.   We had a forced remodel due to some sewage flooding through the city sewage lines.

This is the wall where the quilting frame will go. 

But, I wanted a finished project, so I made a quick throw pillow.  I make them in an envelope style, easily removable and easy to store so I can change often.

I hope you have had a chance to sew this week. I would love to hear what you have made or are working on.

I love when you leave comments.

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