Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sew long summer blog tour

We're kicking off the Sew Long Summer blog tour this week. We have some really fun and inspiring creations for you again this year.

Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

I had great plans for summer sewing and great plans for back to school clothes for grandkids.  Unfortunately, it hasn't happened.  So, I got thinking about what I could share today.

With fall right around the corner, that means Christmas is right around the corner as well.

  Today I decided to share a pillowcase that I am doing for 1 of my grandkids.  I will be doing some for all of them, there are 8, but the youngest is just 2 weeks, so she might not get one right away.  These pillowcases are so easy to make and one of the best things about making things for my grandkids is they absolutely love them.   I could write out the directions, but instead I will give you a link to the directions I use. http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/bags-pillows-gifts/pillows/roll-it-pillowcase-pattern

Please follow these blogger friends of mine for some awesome makes.  It just may give you some ideas.

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  1. I just made a pillow case for the little guy for Christmas too. It was so fast and easy that when I finished I was like wait, I'm done already?
    I'm thinking to make one every year to match the Christmas Eve PJs that are our tradition. I don't have 8 to sew for though :)

  2. I can't believe I have never made pillow cases. Adding them to my list of quick and easy gift ideas. Your grandkids are lucky to get such great gifts!

  3. Super cute, my mom has made a few of these for my kiddo but i've never made one. I guess she's almost old enough to start making her own!

  4. I have taught people to sew using this type of pattern! The burrito method is so awesome :)